Friday, February 11, 2011

Shoulder/Back workout

Smith machine shoulder press-barx15,30x10,50x10,75x10,100x8
DB Side lateral-10x15,20x12,30x12
DB front raise-10x12,20x12,30x20(strict form)
DB reverse fly-10x15,20x15,30x15
Wide Grip Pull-downs-100x15,150x10,180x12
Ez-curl rows-50x12,100x12,150x12,200x10(ok form)
Reverse Pull-down-100x15,150x10,190x10
Shrugs-225x10 3 sets
Felt the strongest I have in a while today!

Btw, i'm gonna be going out tonight to a club most likely hanging with hooter girls. How many drinks is too many?! lol


  1. well considering the title of ur blog is the bodybuilder lifestyle i wouldnt have more than 1 or 2

  2. @Jordan- I had 4 drinks.. i don messed up. I def have a exteremist personality like a lot of bodybuilders have.

    @Chris- thanks man i'm likin yur blog a lot!