Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chest/Arm Workout

Bench Press-barx25,95x12,145x6,195x3,235x3 (+10lbs)
Incline Smith Machine Bench-50x12,70x6,135x3
Flat DB fly-10x15,25x10,40x15
Seated 1/2 curl-30x12,50x10,92.5x3
Machine Curls-50x12,90x3
Incline DB curls-20x10, 30x8
Overhead tri ext-40x10 3 sets
Reverse push-downs-50x10,50x25 superset DB curls 20x25

I was so sick and achy today but I said f*ck it I need too lift! I am doing this to increase the strength of my CNS and giving my muscles a little less stress.

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