Monday, May 14, 2012

Back as a result of a lot of pull-ups, rows and deadlifts.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chest/Arm Workout

Bench Press-barx25,95x12,145x6,195x3,255x3 (+10lbs)
Incline Smith Machine Bench-50x12,70x6,145x4 (+5lbs)
Flat DB fly-10x15,25x10,40x25
Seated 1/2 curl-30x12,50x10,100x3
Machine Curls-50x12,95x3
Incline DB curls-20x10,30x13
Overhead tri ext-25x12,50x8,60x10
Reverse push-downs-60x22 superset DB curls 25x25

Great workout! Got arms pumped to 16 3/4"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chest/Arms workout!

Did a workout at my friends house today did a bunch of random stuff and got a good lift in.

Here are some highlights of the workout:

Db curls-45x8(each arm), 50x4(first time I did the 50's)
Db flys-50x10
Overhead tri ext-60x6

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shoulder/Back workout

Smith machine shoulder press-barx15,30x10,50x10,75x5,110x3
DB Side lateral-10x15,20x12,40x4
DB front raise-10x12,20x12,30x10
DB reverse fly-10x15,20x10,30x10
Wide Grip Pull-downs-100x15,150x10,200x3
Ez-curl rows-50x12,100x12,150x3,210x3
Reverse Pull-down-100x15,150x10,210x3

Feelin pretty strong!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Leg workout

Front Squats-barx15,95x5,145x5,185x3
Leg Press-200x20,300x20,500x10
Leg ext-70x10 3 sets
smith machine stiff leg deadlift-50x12,100x12,150x3,200x3,250x3
Leg curl-30x10 3 sets

30 min LISS cardio

going to try and up my 3 rep set 10lbs each leg workout for front squats!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chest/Arm Workout

Bench Press-barx25,95x12,145x6,195x3,235x3 (+10lbs)
Incline Smith Machine Bench-50x12,70x6,135x3
Flat DB fly-10x15,25x10,40x15
Seated 1/2 curl-30x12,50x10,92.5x3
Machine Curls-50x12,90x3
Incline DB curls-20x10, 30x8
Overhead tri ext-40x10 3 sets
Reverse push-downs-50x10,50x25 superset DB curls 20x25

I was so sick and achy today but I said f*ck it I need too lift! I am doing this to increase the strength of my CNS and giving my muscles a little less stress.