Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Burnt 350 cals on the elliptical in 27 min.

Didn't do cardio for a week and a half. Everytime I do it again I wonder why I ever stopped. It just does to much good to your body and mind to not do it!


  1. i dont usually like to just do carido alone.

    i like to at least play full court basketball, or something like that.

  2. Looks like you were doing the entire session in the cardiovascular zone. 40% of the calories you burn are from fat at that rate, exercising below the cardiovascular zone burns 60%. So if you are trying to target fat you should look into doing a less intense cardio workout. I burnt 540 calories on the elliptical in 45min today, 324 (60%) were fat calories.

  3. I haven't done Cardio in a long time, only weights. I really need to get back into it...

  4. Cardio is great for the body but it does not help grow muscles is this true?

  5. i love HIIT but i hardly ever do it lulz


  6. good for the heart man..

  7. I am a reserve firefighter and people seem to forget how important cardio is to your cardiovascular system and overall health. The intensity that people put into weights should also be applied to cardio.


  8. I ussually hate cardio but afterwards it puts me in a way better mood and is great on the heart and health as lefthandedstraw mentioned.

    @Chris- Thats very true eating an extra protein shake would negate any benefits from the cardio. I do feel it helps with nutrition partitioning though.

    @Smile- I feel that it does help with gaining muscle as it can help increase nutrition partitioning. Also, it will help with endurance which can help you lift for more reps in a set and more training volume in a training session.